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Things to do in Mount Pleasant: Mount Pleasant Pier and Waterfront Park

Hello, and welcome back to Lowcountry Lenses! We are so so excited to tell you guys all about one of our new favorite spots in Charleston! We finally got the chance to make it over to Mount Pleasant Pier and Waterfront Park. We were surprised at how much there is to do in this one spot!

We came to get some shots of the Ravenel Bridge for our Instagram and Blog but were so excited to find so much more! The whole pier has a really good setup with benches and seats all down the pier to sit and catch the sunset. There is a cafe and gift shop right at the start of the pier, which is great for grabbing a quick snack before or after walking around. The store also sells fishing licenses for anyone interested in fishing on the pier that does not have one or needs to update theirs!

Before you approach the pier, there is a park for children and lots of vast open green space to have a picnic or hang out and enjoy the scenery. This pier and park are also dog friendly, so you can bring a furry friend along with you to enjoy it! We had so much fun exploring the walking trail that branches off across a little wooden bridge to the left side of the pier.

We walked down the trail and got to see the U.S.S. Yorktown from the front end of the ship, which was so cool. There is a hill that leads up to a field down the walking trail, which is a fantastic spot to sit and watch the sunset if you don't want to watch it from the pier! Overall, this was such a family-friendly spot to hang out, check out some good views, let the kids run around, have a picnic, and do some fishing! Let us know what you think of this location!

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