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The Charleston Place

King Street side of The Charleston Place in Charleston, South Carolina

Welcome to one of our favorite hotels and the location of some of our posts, The Charleston Place Hotel. We honestly think this hotel is one of the best to stay at in Charleston, and even if you aren't staying downtown or are just here for a day trip, The Charleston Place has plenty to offer.

Our favorite reason to check out this hotel is the seasonal decorations. This hotel has gorgeously detailed decor throughout the entire space based on different seasons, holidays, and even events that may be happening throughout the city. Our personal favorite season that The Charleston Place decorates for is, hands down, Christmas. Last year they hosted over 100 live Christmas trees throughout the hotel.

The Charleston Place is a gorgeous, timeless, classy hotel, and you will not regret staying a few nights here. They have plenty of amenities, such as a fantastic wellness spa, a rooftop pool, and a fitness center to help you relax and be the best version of yourself while visiting the Holy City.

There are a few restaurants throughout the hotel and plenty of space to be used as event venues. There are many shops for all sorts of interests, so if you want a slow day in the hotel without having to take on King Street, you can get your shopping and dinner fix without leaving the comfort of your hotel. We also love to take advantage of the events that The Charleston Place holds for guests as well as the public. In the winter, they hold an event at their Christmas tree in front of their hotel, where they have snow at the tree! They have lots of fun events depending on the time, so make sure to check out their website for the calendar and list of events! This hotel is also one of the best in Charleston regarding location.

On one side of the hotel is the classic Charleston City Market, and the French Quarter is a short walk away along the second half of the market. On the other side of the hotel, there is a Target conveniently located on the corner to grab anything you forgot to pack or get any snacks, and it is centrally located in the best area of King Street shopping. With the close proximity to all of these spots, this is honestly one of the best hotels in Charleston for food and shopping.

According to, the average cost for a weeknight at The Charleston Place is $660 and takes a slight jump up to the average price of $683 on weekends. Obviously, these can fluctuate significantly based on demand, time of year, and events in Charleston, so make sure to book ahead to ensure you get the best price and availability.

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