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Things to Do in Charleston, South Carolina: The Battery

Welcome to one of our all-time favorite spots in Charleston, The Battery! Much of our inspiration for sharing photos of the city we adore came from The Battery. Frequent walks at sunset to this iconic location in Charleston led to an abundance of pictures from the sunset here with a minimal audience of just family and close friends to share this beautiful sight with, which is why we decided to launch Low Country Lenses.

A visit to Charleston is not complete without a walk down The Battery. You will encounter people of all ages enjoying the views and sights. You will also see plenty of runners and tons of dog walkers, and who doesn't love seeing cute dogs around the city? Walking along the first half of The Battery coming from the yacht club, you will see a lovely row of gorgeous Charleston-style houses. One of our favorite things to check out on walks here is one of the houses on The Battery that always has the best seasonal decor outside. Once you reach the end of these houses as they round the corner, the view on your right-hand side is replaced with White Point Gardens.

White Point Gardens is perfect for the history lover, sunset chaser, or even a self-proclaimed dolphin spotter. You can stop for a picnic, read a book, sit and enjoy the view here, and even observe revolutionary and civil war cannons and mortars.

There is a large gazebo and plenty of trees for shade from the hot South Carolina sun to enjoy beautiful Charleston. While we love this very green and beautiful part of this area of Charleston, the best part of rounding that corner of The Battery is the fantastic view of the sunset in the evening. It is such a wide-open area that all you see is the water and the sky. To top it all off, if you're lucky, you'll see some dolphins that like to frequent this area playing in the distance right under the setting sun.

The beautiful sunsets, architecture, and other sights you see along The Battery make this one of our top places to visit while visiting Charleston. We hope you can enjoy this iconic staple of Charleston, South Carolina, as much as we do.

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