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Sullivan’s Island

We figured we would start our first official blog post for Lowcountry Lenses with our absolute favorite spot in the Lowcountry! Sullivan‘s Island! Sullivan’s is the definition of the perfect little Lowcountry South Carolina beach town. Home to Fort Moultrie, the iconic Charleston Lighthouse, stunning beaches with gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, great restaurants, and beautiful homes.

A sunrise at Sullivan's Island with the lighthouse standing proudly in the distance.

Fort Moultrie is an excellent historical stop on Sullivan’s for all ages. It is the remaining fort used to protect Charleston's Harbor and displays tons of cannons used in various wars at the fort. At the fort is parking and a beach access path, so you can take a nice walk on the gorgeous quiet beaches of Sullivan’s Island. There is a museum across from the fort with various displays that embody the fort's impact on the Lowcountry. Furthermore, Fort Moultrie had a unique resident and poet, Edgar Allen Poe. Poe was stationed at the fort from 1827-1828, eventually reaching the rank of Sergeant-Major. Other famous names stationed at Moultrie include Osceola, William T. Sherman, and George C. Marshall.

The best times to walk are sunrise, sunset, and, surprisingly, at night as long as the tide is out ;).

The next sight to see at Sullivan’s is the lighthouse. The Charleston Lighthouse is the last lighthouse created federally by the coast guard. It has a triangular shape with a point towards the ocean, helping the lighthouse withstand wind speeds up to 125 MPH. This lighthouse is one of the few remaining active lighthouses in South Carolina. There is also a beach access point at the lighthouse, so you can visit this landmark and head straight for a stroll on the beach.

On a night-time walk at Sullivan's, one of our favorite things to see is the lighthouse beacon and passing cargo ships. We got pretty lucky this past weekend and got to see a cargo ship coming in as another one was going out. With the island's location to the Charleston harbor, the ships run right alongside the beaches on Sullivan's, and it is an extraordinary sight compared to seeing them off in the distance. One of the most common posts on Lowcountry Lenses is the pretty skies at Sullivan's because we can never get enough of them, so hopefully, y'all can't either! Sullivan's is so quiet and peaceful during these times, especially in the off-season, which is why it stays at the top of our list!

Next, we are going to cover what all of you have been waiting for at Sullivan's... food! Sullivan's is home to many great restaurants to cater to whatever you may be craving. If you are looking for a good burger, check out Poe's Tavern, obviously named after Edgar Allen Poe, who was stationed at Fort Moultrie just down the road. Hometeam BBQ has you covered if you are needing a barbecue fix. The Co-op is the perfect place to stop in for a quick sandwich, of course, their iconic frose, and a picture of the pink car parked out front. On your way either into or out of Sullivan's Island, make sure to cruise around and check out some of the gorgeous coastal-style homes around the island. :)

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